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Permit applications are not available online. The applications on this site are for informational purposes only. Applications may be obtained at our offices located at 700 Lavaca Street, Suite 540, Austin, Texas 78701. We will not accept faxed, e-mailed, or downloaded copies of permit applications.

All new or altered commercial and/or public buildings must meet the Travis County Fire Code's standards and must be permitted by the Travis County Fire Marshal's Office.
To obtain a "Basic Development Permit"

A Travis County Basic Development Permit is required for all development outside corporate city limits in Travis County. Development is defined as any man-made changes to improved or unimproved real estate, including but not limited to structures or other buildings, mining, dredging, filling, grading, paving, excavation or drilling operations.

Submit the completed application at is 700 Lavaca Street, Suite 540, Austin, Texas 78701 between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM, or mail it to:
Travis County TNR
700 Lavaca Street, Suite 540
P.O. Box 1748
Austin, Texas 78701
Attn: Permits

Step 1 - General Information
Step 2 - NRES Information
Step 3 - Sample Application

In addition to Travis County Code, development permit applications are expected to comply with other applicable health and safety laws and regulations prior to the approval of Travis County development permits. Please complete, sign, and attach the checklist below to all development permit applications.

Residential Checklist

Commercial Checklist




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